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Love Cars, but not the Cost?

We all have those favorite cars. Memories of our youth, parents,hometowns and many other reasons that trigger thoughts. We watch other cars that we once knew or dreamed of and think, "Wow, are they lucky to be able to drive that..." I can remember the 70's thinking why do old people get to drive the cool cars? It just isn't fair!

Fast forward and I have been lucky enough to own and drive some of my favorites. From my '70 Fleetwood limo, to my first new car; 1985 Pontiac Trans Am. (Stolen shortly after getting out of the Army and storage!) Starion, Cutlass, Hummer, and many more names that have been in my past.

Why do they have to cost so much? The answer is that they don't. If you look hard enough, and past some small issues, the car of your dreams is available. It does usually take some maintenance, but for those making $300-$500/mo car payments, it is almost impossible to spend that maintaining a car.... of almost any age. (Of course the super cars and exotics are not always in this category)

I am creating Copper Star Motors to serve a Unique Ride experience. Our cars will not always be sports cars, or the rare or SUV's that are lifted but unique in their own way. Maybe a 2000 Monte Carlo was your College or High School ride. Maybe you just wanted to have a certain car that you love the lines and art. Those reasons are unique to you. Keep coming back to see what we have or if you are looking for that special car, let us know!

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